30 Day Personal Paleo Code Diet Reset

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hey everyone!  Adam and I are going to be switching it up a bit for the next month or so.  Adam recently read Your Personal Paleo Code: The 3-Step Plan to Lose Weight, Reverse Disease, and Stay Fit and Healthy for Life by Chris Kresser and in it he talks about how to reset your diet and body. To do this you remove any potential pro-inflammatory foods from the agricultural and industrial age even though you may not be specifically sensitive to them. It then allows you to add different foods back into your diet, and in doing so you can self-experiment to help you decide if you have any reactions to any of these foods.

Over the next month I am going to document as much of this journey as possible.  Mostly through recipes but I will probably do some self-reflections on how it is going for us as well.  A lot of the recipes will probably come directly from the book which the author, Chris Kresser provides to help with staying on track.

I know what your all thinking… I'm crazy!  Well I'm sure that is true but then again I think that everyone in this world is crazy in their own way.  I also would so not be doing this if it wasn't for Adam.  Giving up butter for 30 days… Whaaaaat!  I also can't have alcohol!!!  Sigh!  In the long run though it's only 30 days out of a life time and if I don't discover anything new about what my body likes and what it doesn't then at least I know that I've eaten really healthy for 30 days straight!

We started this journey on Saturday, January 11th.  We made a very detailed day by day meal plans including snacks.  We headed off to the grocery store and spent what I thought was a lot of money but we also needed to buy things that we won't need to purchase every single week. For instance, we had to buy some ghee instead of butter; although we could have used butter to make our own ghee.  For those that don't have the book I will give you an idea of what the next 30 days will look like.

Kresser breaks things down into 3 food groups: eat liberally, eat in moderation, and avoid completely.  I won't go into each one and list every food cause that'd be a few pages worth of info but I will give the food groups he categorizes them under.  I will start with the avoid completely list because lets be honest and just get down to what we can't have for 30 days!

Avoid Completely: dairy, grains, legumes, sweeteners (real & artificial), any type of chocolate, processed or refined foods, industrial seed and veggie oils, sodas, fruit juice, alcohol, and processed sauces and seasonings. Additionally, we will be avoiding alternative gluten-free replacement products or flours.

Eat in Moderation: processed meat(ie bacon or sausage, preferably pasture raised), whole fruit, nuts and seeds, green beans, sugar peas, snap peas, coffee, tea (Coffee and tea consumption should be limited to 8oz before lunch), and vinegar.

Eat Liberally: meat, poultry, organ meats, bone-broth soups, fish, eggs, starchy plants, non starchy veggies, fermented veggies & fruit, traditional fats (Ghee, coconut oil, beef tallow, pasture-raised lard, etc.), olives, avocados, coconuts, sea salt, and spices.

In reality it's really not too far off from what we try to do already and remember it's only for 30 days!  Once the 30 days is done then you can start adding things back into your diet but not everything.  After the initial "reset" certain things like dark chocolate, full fat dairy, alcohol in moderation and certain sweeteners in moderation will be some of the foods that we slowly add back to our diet to check on personal tolerance.

I'm about done babbling now.  I'm sure this will be one of those posts that no one really reads anyways but it explains why I won't be posting any sweets for a while! ;)  I will be adding links to this post as we go along so you know what fits into these parameters.  As always you may comment below if there are questions! You can find out more about Chris Kresser and his book by going to his website here.

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