Week 1 Recap of Our Personal Paleo Code Diet "Reset"

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Having to give up butter was hard, but being able to replace it with ghee made it much less painful! 
I thought it would be a good idea to do a first week re-cap on how things have been going with this 30 day reset diet fiasco. Let's just start off with saying that it's been a bit rough for me. Although things would be a thousand times easier if we had a dishwasher! Never again will we rent a place without a dishwasher! How "un-paleo" of us... 

Let's look at cost and time first.  This diet is really not all that much more different from the way we've been eating already.  We've just had to cut out some more of the sugars, carbs, and processed foods.  Which you think would make it easier on the budget but what we've cut out in calories we've had to make up in other areas.  Such as more fresh fruits and veggies and snacks. 

As for time, it does take quite a bit more time to prepare all of your foods.  Instead of buying bags of chips and roasted nuts we now make our own to be able to control the ingredients.  These things don't take too long but when you start adding them up it does take a good chunk out of your day.  Also, we are trying out a whole bunch of new recipes. Ideally, they shouldn't take longer than any other meal but when you have to keep referring back to the recipe it does. 

Cravings. Adam and I do miss some foods.  Adam say's the hardest part for him is that he has to limit his caffeine intake to only one glass of coffee a day.  Which for Adam is a big deal.  He would have 2 or more cups of caffeine worth of coffee or espresso pretty much every morning and then some days he'd even have another cup or 2 in the afternoon.  So, that is a huge change for him.  As for me I miss cream, rice, and cheese the most. 

For some reason rice was always my go to filler food if I was still hungry.  I also love love love noodles and since we don't eat gluten I would always eat rice noodles instead.  As for the cream and the cheese there are just so many dishes that you can add them to and they are like putting icing on the cake.  I made cream of broccoli soup this weekend and when I finished I was thinking that it'd be so much better if I could have put some cheese in it! Besides that...it hasn't been too bad at all.  I'm not sitting around just constantly thinking about that I want to eat something I can't.  So that's good!

Body changes.  I think Adam would agree with me on this one that we can't say we feel a lot more energetic or less tired in the morning or anything like that yet but we definitely can tell that there are some internal changes happening.  It feels like our bodies are trying to rid themselves of something negative and "reset".  Most likely this is our bodies trying to readjust to other new foods and an increased amount of soluble finger that we are putting in them.  According to the book, our best feeling week is supposed to be the third week.  So, I don't think any of our reactions are out of the ordinary.

At the very start of the week we also took some body measurements such as weight, waist size, arm size, etc. that we will compare to at the end of the 30 days.  Adam hopes to lose a little while I hope to gain a little.  These won't be based solely off of diet because we have been doing some working out and weight lifting.  It's just kind of a more personal thing we wanted to keep track of and we figured since we are going to eat really well for 30 days that it would be interesting to keep track of that for this time frame.

I would say at the end of the day this first week really hasn't been all that bad.  It probably has had more downs than ups but I feel that's expected with any changes that are big in your day to day lifestyle.  I'm sure Adam will be glad when I become a little less stressed and more comfortable with this. ;)  I think both of us are excited to finish this week up and move on to week three to see if we can notice any nice changes with our body!  Stay tuned and enjoy!

Resisting sweets hasn't been too bad... but after 30 days of no sweets I'm sure that'll change!

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