Week 2 Recap of Our Personal Paleo Code Diet "Reset"

Monday, January 27, 2014

I’m sitting here in a really nice hotel being spoiled by Adam while he is off learning taping techniques!  Can’t say that I’ve got anything to complain about whenever he has seminars to attend on the weekends ;).  The only maybe thing I could complain about is that I’m not home to do some cooking.

But no worries! I got an early valentines day of an indoor light!  So I’ve been able to take photos of meals that we make at night now!  So so excited!  I’m also excited to tell you how the second week of the diet reset went!  I’m not sure I’ve ever used so many “!” in a row, ha!

The second week went way smoother than the first.  I would say that we went a little over board when buying food for this week but luckily it’s lasting and we will be able to use most of it before it goes bad.  We also had some very tasty recipe results.  My favorite being homemade bbq sauce that we used on some crock-pot ribs and some pre-smoked ham warmed up with some pineapple!

Our bodies have been doing so much better as well.  It feels like they are finally finding their equilibrium.  Well at least for me, but I feel I can say that for Adam as well.  Also I think I’m feeling a bit more energetic.  It’s not as hard to wake up in the morning.  In the past it would take me 10-15 minutes to get out of bed after snoozing for 10 minutes 3 times.  Just ask Adam, it was a big chore for me!

Now I still hit snooze out of habit and laziness but after my last alarm I am able to roll out of bed shortly after it.  I’m still tired too don't get me wrong but not like I can’t even keep my eyes open tired.   To add to that we’ve also been staying up later at night as compared to before so I would definitely say there is an improvement.

We’ve stayed completely on track with our food until just yesterday for dinner.  So that’s a really good fact.   Even yesterday we didn’t stray too far off the path.  We ate at Chipotle and while we can’t say that the oils they use are good (in fact we saw a big bottle of soy oil spray once, Yuck!) everything we had fit in the parameters except for rice.  We already know that rice is really not that bad so no real major concern there.

I did miss one thing this week and that is alcoholic beverages.  It was just one of those weeks at work where you just wanted to come home and have a nice glass of wine or something.   Only 2 more weeks! ;)  On another note I really hope to have 3 posts this week!  All this time I’ve been spending doing dishes and cooking real food have put a damper on my 3 posts a week.  But I have all my photos done and all weekend to write the post!

We may also have some food reviews that Adam might even write!  We’ve been trying some new “snacks” such as Epic bars and he is pretty excited about them!  Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy the new information we are putting out there!

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