Week 3 Recap of Our Personal Paleo Code Diet "Reset"

Monday, February 03, 2014

Well we made it through week 3!! There really is less than a week to go because it's only a 30 day trial.  I thought in the beginning that it would never be over…but here we are on the verge of adding back in foods starting mid-week.  I have a feeling that next week's post is going to be more about the addition of foods than a 4 week recap.  It should be more interesting that way though!

Like I mentioned last week, according to the book this week was supposed to be the week where we felt the best.  Unfortunately for me I am not able to comment toward this.  In the beginning of the week I was struggling with a possible bacterial infection and then toward the middle and end of the week I caught some kind of sinus infection/cold.  Now I can't say whether it was just a short cold or if it did clear up faster because at this point I should be "more" healthy but it didn't last that long.  I was able to work Thursday without too many issues. However,  I was out Friday and that was the worst day. On Saturday, I at least had my appetite back and a little more energy.  I'm taking it easy today (Sunday) but the brunt of it was only 2 days long and I'm hoping I'll be pretty good to go come tomorrow.

I did have a similar cold about a month or so ago and that did take me out for at least a week.  Luckily it was over holiday vacation time but as a comparison it could mean that my body is more healthy.  I also mentioned for the first week review that we took body measurements and weights so hopefully that will shed some light next week on if there were any big changes concerning those things relating to this "reset" and exercise of course. 

I would say that this week was the easiest when it came to meal preparation and snacks and such.  We struggled a lot less and it was less stressful as well.  Having had 2 weeks of experience behind us it was easier to kinda make this "reset" fit into our day to day lifestyle.  Also...this bit being a surprise to me, I can't say that I missed any foods of any kind over the course of this past week.  No cravings for rice or ice cream or alcohol or gluten or even gluten free goodies.  

Obviously that stuff still tastes really good and I'm glad that we will soon be able to start adding it back into our diet to see how our bodies react to it but I'm glad that I don't have huge cravings for that stuff.  It just makes temptation a lot easier and I'm sure you all could agree!  Speaking of adding things back in...that is my biggest fear of doing all this.  I am afraid of how my body will respond to adding back in dairy products.  After cutting it out I realized how much we really do use it day to day.  Between our morning coffee drinks, cheese, heavy cream, butter, and ice cream.  

Everything should be in moderation though right?  That's what everyone says when it comes to diet.  So, good news is that it taught me (like gluten) that we are probably having dairy in every meal and that's not in moderation.  Dairy was still an easy way to get some calories in me that are still nutritious and I hope I can still utilize them in the future.  

Now that we are aware of that and other things like this our whole learning experience of this "reset" will indeed make our diet or lifestyle as I call it that much more better and well rounded.  I will touch on this some more next week but we've learned of some new plants to eat that we find delicious.  As well as some new fats that we now like to cook with.  For instance instead of our main fats being butter and coconut oil I think our main fats will now be coconut oil, ghee, lard, and our new thing that we are trying is beef tallow.  

I am exited about next week to tell you all how adding foods back in is going, to do a final recap on this whole experience, and more importantly to me going back to where most every post is a recipe post!  And with that sharing some of the new foods that we will incorporate into our more popular choices for day to day food. Those options will be ones that still add a lot of variation into what we already eat!

Remember when buying fats like tallow and lard that they need to be from naturally raised animals or it could lead to bad poor fatty acid compositions which may not be beneficial for your body! 

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