Week 4 Recap of Our Personal Paleo Code Diet "Reset"

Monday, February 17, 2014

Here I am posting things late again.  Sigh!  I had a good reason though as I got distracted by Valentine's Day!!  Despite being a week late in posting this I still wanted to wrap up our diet "reset."  Overall I would say that it was very successful!  Adam lost about 5 lbs over the 30 days and several inches combined around his body in size.  We also feel a lot better in general!

If you would be interested in doing a 30 day diet reset I highly recommend it.  It helps to "reset" your system, you potentially get to learn about new foods to cook with, you learn how your body reacts to pretty much every food group, and it hopefully increases your health!  Especially if you learn how to continue the same concepts and apply them to your life and eating habits afterwards.  Now if you have more than just you in your house it could be a bit of a challenge to take on.  I had the support of my partner who followed everything I did and it still was stressful at times.

If you've ever read our about page then you know that we already follow certain guidelines for the foods that we eat.  The reason why I'm pointing this fact out is because we have a more limited array of foods we eat so we've already pretty much added back everything that we've taken out.  Where as someone that eats a "normal" diet without any limitations would probably take longer than the week or so that it took us.

I was really concerned about adding dairy products back in because before our reset it was probably my biggest source of calories.  Turns out none of it affected me in a bad way.  Thank goodness!!  We've also added back grains such as rice without any problems.  In addition, we even tried a little gluten as well! Even though we tried to stay away from that even before.  But every once in a while we like to have "cheat" days so we were curious as to how it would affect us.  I had gluten at work for lunch and that afternoon I became extremely tired and my mind felt a little muddled.  I could still function completely fine I just didn't feel as clear as I had before I ate.  It's really kinda hard to explain!  The next day I also had a minor tummy ache that I believe was related.

Then for Valentine's Day we went out to eat at an Irish pub and had fish n' chips with an appetizer of sweet potatoes chips with mayo as a dip.  Later that night or early the next morning however you would like to consider it Adam woke up feeling very nauseous.  About an hour later he was throwing everything up.  It's hard to say if it was the gluten, bad oils, or possibly bad fish but that was his first time having gluten after our "reset."  Anyways...I would say that we both reacted to gluten in a bad way.  That's not surprising at all to us as researchers are finding more and more that most people actually have bad reactions to gluten whether or not they actually know it.  But if/when Adam has gluten again if he has a similar reaction it's safe to say that he will have to cut it out entirely out of his diet.

Important to note,  there may be some foods you ate before your reset that your body can no longer tolerate..  In my mind it may suck in the beginning and be a bit of an adjustment but you have to remember that it's actually a good thing! After all I think most of us like being alive ;) and why wouldn't you want to be healthy so you can enjoy life to it's fullest!! 

Nevertheless it was definitely a life experience that was very positive and only taught us new things about ourselves and food!!  In reality, food is one of the biggest parts of life but in most instances is something that probably doesn't get much thought other than yes I like that or no I don't like that.  Hopefully that through sharing our experiences when it comes to food it will at least make you think about the food that you are about to plop in your mouth beyond the "this tastes good so I should eat it!"

Also just as a little heads up please stay tuned this week for some great recipes!!!  I'll give you a little hint it's the first time I've made a gluten free bread and while it taste more like a cake it turned out great and I wouldn't wan't anyone to miss it.  I'm very excited to share it with everyone!

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