Guest Post: Today is Day 5

Friday, March 28, 2014

This post today is going to be a little bit different than what I "normally" do.  My life has been kind of exciting lately in the "diet" world!  My coworkers have decided to hold a weight-loss challenge for a month.  They will be trying to incorporate some of the guidelines that I follow. 

The "diet reset" that Adam and I did about a month ago inspired someone else to try it as well! I really don't want to give too much of an introduction because her words speak strongly themselves but to give a little bit of a background. She was diagnosed a few years back as having a potential autoimmune disorder (Lupus) and she has been trying everything since then to try and feel better.  She has lost 6 lbs since starting the "reset" and I'm so proud of her!  Without further ado here is how her first few days went!

Less Goodies....More Veggies!
Today is Day 5

Today is Day 5 of my reset. I started my reset on a Saturday- - I have an autoimmune disorder.  So, in addition to giving up my favored malted milk balls, I also have to give up eggs and nightshades.  Not crying over the nightshades (although I do like me some peppers on occasion), but giving up eggs for breakfast = hard.  And don't even get me started on the malted milk balls - - not to mention the many other candies of Easter that I will certainly have to purchase and then completely ignore. As . If . They . Don't . Exist!

I'm not going to lie, the first four days have been hard.  Really hard!  It worked well for me to start on Saturday as it gave me plenty of time to figure out what I was going to eat for breakfast without my normal stand-ins (eggs and gf pancakes - - yes, Nicole, like the ones you posted just the other day!)  But I'll be honest, I craved everything; particularly my daily diet coke!  Ok, I'm being honest, make that my daily diet cokes; plural, as in many.  Even my ginger-mint steeped in hot water with Stevia wasn't an option.  I had a headache those first two days and I swear I could hear the sour cream, fritos and every other bad food in the house call my name - - loudly!

Day 3 came and I was feeling a bit better.  Dehydrated, definitely, and the hash I had been making for breakfast was already tasting old.  Unfortunately, by the end of the day I hurt everywhere.  Not sure if it was my reset, the back-to-back concerts with standing room only, the flu, or some variation of 'all of the above,' but by 1am I was awake and felt like my back was crushing.  I'm not that heavy, but right then, I thought for sure I had soared into a triple digit stratosphere and I was crushing myself as I tried to sleep.  Several Advil and a soft upright couch position later, I found a bit of relief and was able to sleep a bit more.  By the time the household awoke, I was sore again, dizzy and feeling 'just off.'

I'm being honest, so I'll admit that I broke hard that morning.  Called in sick to work; went to McDonald's; got me some Big Breakfast with hotcakes (yes, I did! Mmm, me and my MckyDs) and a big ol' diet coke.  It was just what I wanted.  And I felt better.  For about 20-30 minutes.  Then after several trips to the bathroom for an impromtu colon 'cleanse', I decided that's what one gets for being a weak whillied wimp.  (No whillied isn't a word, I made it up... what can I say, it was a very bad day!)  I felt bad enough, that beyond an afternoon banana, my food consumption was at nothing/nil/0 for the remainder of that day.

This food get you the bathroom.

Today, Day 5, I feel better.  Like really better.  I still wish I had something with some flavor to drink in the morning, but water with a bit of lemon seemed refreshing.  I wasn't hungry right away; so, I packed up some hash (ok, I was over enthusiastic in the amount of hash I made over the weekend... note to self: "don't do that again"), a pork/beef burger and headed in to work.  I ended up going with a friend to the market, picked up some salad with bacon, beets, and fruit... and... it was good.  Turns out, I'm not a big fan of everything fried.  Maybe breakfast salads will be my new breakfast thing.

Anyway, it's almost noon and I still feel strangely good.  I've been hungry for about an hour, but not ravenous and not craving anything.  It's an interesting feeling - - freeing almost - - to imagine all the possibilities that abound, but not to be motivated by an urge or a craving or the smell of that Oseng Tahu that just walked by my door.

That I can chose. 

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