LARABAR the Wonder Bar!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Sometimes I sure do things a little last minute…like document and write my blogs the night before.  What can I say though!  I'm a busy person like I'm sure a lot of you are as well.  Because I'm so busy it also makes me really tired so I'm one of those if I don't get 8 hours or more of sleep I become very cranky!  Where I'm going with all of this is sometimes I don't have time to make breakfast or homemade snacks which led me to Larabars.

I just wanted to share this little but powerful bar with everyone because I truly believe they are amazing in pretty much every way.  In fact when I was asking Adam how to write this because I don't write "reviews" often he just said be myself about what I like and dislike about them.  I thought, "what if I don't dislike anything about them?"  Well...I managed to think of two very very minor issues.

The first is that I don't like some of the flavors.  CrAzY!  ;)  The second is that they make some with peanuts and I really wish they used almonds instead.  Yep the end.  Those are my only dislikes!

How about instead of listing all my likes now I just say I love everything about them except those two minor flaws.  The number one thing I like about them though… THEY ARE MADE FROM REAL GOOD INGREDIENTS!  Typically what I've discovered is that they are made from a base of a nut and then dates (instead of sugar and flour) and then whatever is needed to make it a flavor.

I don't think of these as being like a granola bar substitute they are more like the Nutri-Grain(minus the grain) bars because they are softer and more flavorful.  We first found these being sold individually in a grocery store.  Then this past weekend we went to Target and we found them in boxes!  The rating I give these is definitely 5 stars!  Learn more about them at their website.  I think any but the Alt Larabar and the Larabar's with the peanuts are good for you!  If your at all interested in trying these (which you should be) you can find some good deals here.  Enjoy!

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