Jellyfish Recipe - - - Or Not!

Friday, April 11, 2014

I googled it…yes googled it!  As one that was afraid of eating all things sea food not too long ago, I had no idea if meals existed out there that had jellyfish as an ingredient.  Well call me ignorant but now I know the answer to that!  In case you didn't know… yes it's true people cook and eat jellyfish!  Now is the time that I'm going to let you in on a little secret, this is not a recipe on how to make jellyfish.  I'm not that adventurous or brave, yet! ;)

Adam and I spent a day in Chicago this past weekend seeing a couple of popular sights.  One of them was the Skydeck of which I don't normally have a problem with heights and I didn't until at that exact moment when it was my turn to step onto the glass floor 103 stories above the ground.  My body at that point was like heck no!  My muscles became very tense and my face very flush but my mind and body were having a tug-of-war match on who was in control.  

(That is not me, I am rarely that fashionable, though I do find it a very cute outfit!)
(Adam was even worse than me! I at least could sit on the glass he couldn't barely put both feet on it!)

Our other stop was the Shedd Aquarium.  So many fish!!  I don't support the idea of keeping the bigger beluga whales and dolphins in captivity but the rest of it was a ton of fun!  Besides the fact that the poor penguins where exactly like on Happy Feet just standing in one spot staring at the wall.  Photos where allowed in the Shedd Aquarium but no flash was allowed and besides that it is very difficult taking photos of things on the other side of the glass without getting your own reflection in it!  I did find one thing I found very entrancing on the camera…you guessed it!  The jellyfish!  

The whole reason for this post is not because I'm not yet brave enough to make a meal with jellyfish but because live jellyfish in colorful tanks of water are stunning and mesmerizing!  It was definitely worth the couple extra dollars to see.  Though, if you ask me they didn't really look for our wrist bands so we might have been able to save a couple extra bucks (but if you try this you didn't hear it from me!).  I'll stop chatting now because really I just want you to see my photos not listen to all my ramblings. 

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