Morel Hunting in Wisconsin!

Monday, May 19, 2014

This was a first… hunting for Morels!  My grandpa dropped some off earlier in the week that I used for a recipe already but my aunt insisted that until you went through the hunting of morels you just couldn't appreciate them to the fullest.  Which turns out to be true!  Besides the fact that they almost completely blend in or hide under other vegetation there is the horrors of all the prickly plants!

I was smart enough to wear longer pants but Adam on the other hand took the brunt of it on his lower legs.  It still was very exciting and very satisfying to find one all on my own!  ;)  I wish they would make it a little easier and grow in patches all right by each other but the majority of the time they were pretty spread out.  Adam did manage to find one spot where there were a ton all around a tree.

It also helped a lot that my aunt knew where to direct us where my gramps and her have found morels in the past.  I couldn't imagine walking into any random woods and just looking hoping that your eyes will pick up on this semi-honeycomb looking mushroom.  I guess in a way this kind of thing is passed down by generation or word of mouth regarding the good hunting areas.  So thanks gramps for being an expert morel picker in our area!!

We were afraid that because the temps got pretty low at night this week that there just wouldn't be any for us to find when we finally got to the weekend.  But luckily it warmed up pretty quickly today which seemed good enough to pop some more up!  We came away with a pretty decent amount so it was well worth the trip and the learning on how to find them.  :)  Plus its wonderful to get to tramp around some beautiful woods on a beautiful sunny day!!

I will have a couple more recipes for you this week involving Morels that I hope you will keep an eye out for if these are something you enjoy!

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