I'm Back!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

WOW!  I can not believe that it has been over a month since I have done a blog post!  First off, I do apologize for such a long absence.  I would like to say that I was so dang busy that I couldn't do any posts but that wouldn't be completely true.  I guess life just took over a little bit and I got distracted from my blogging.  You wouldn't believe everything that has happened since my last post either!

The first big news is... I'm Engaged!!! I could not be happier about that even though I feel like I've been waiting forever.  ;)  Okay not really but I was getting to the point like oh man is he ever going to propose!?  HEHE ;)  All joking aside though it was the most wonderful day/weekend/birthday ever.  All the planning Adam did for it just made it the most special and romantic thing that has ever happened to me.

Short story:  He planned the proposal to happen right after we after spent a long weekend in Door County, WI.  He had my whole family in on it and even some friends as well.  On July 20th, on the way back home we stopped in Milwaukee for what I thought was just going to be for dinner.  However, we stopped at our favorite place we loved to hang out together at (a secluded spot on the beach) and when we got there...there was a heart of roses in the sand that he proposed in.  Then my family popped up and his family popped up from a secret spot and there was even a hidden photographer!  It was seriously like the sweetest, most thoughtful thing ever!

The second big new is... I moved to Coral Gables (Miami), Florida!  It's been a big move and it's been hard to say the least but I think that it will be good thing for us.  My whole family including the family dog and my wonderful aunt Teresa moved us down.  We camped on the way down to get in some leisure time. Which was a nice way to get "one last family vacation" in before they dropped me off and headed all the way back to Wisconsin!  I've never lived this far away from home before but now I guess that I'm engaged and all that I should grow up a little bit and sprout some of my own wings... Although, I will always be a true family person at heart and hope that someday they will be near again.  On the bright side, there is plenty of sun for food pictures and with all this heat my food won't be cold by the time I'm done taking pictures before I get  a chance to eat it!! =]

I know that was a lot of photos but I always had a better way with explaining things through pictures than words.  Hope you enjoyed a little bit of my life story!  Now that life has calmed down again please stay tuned as I will be having regularly weekly posts again (involving delicious food!) and don't forget that no matter what you should alway EnJoY wonderful, tasty, and healthy food!!

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