Nicole & Adam's Colorado Mountain Top Wedding

Monday, December 14, 2015

Guess who got married!?!?!

That's right ME (and well Adam too!) ;] ! 

Everyone always says before hand to remember to take it remember to pause...that the day will go way too fast, and to just absorb as much as possible.  How incredibly true that was.  For a lack of better words, this day was the best, most beautiful day of my life.  It was also the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life.  

Mountain top weddings...need I say more!?  Well it just doesn't get much better than those (in my mind).  At my age I have seen and experienced several weddings with friends.  Each and every one of them was so uniquely beautiful and perfect for them.  However, the one thing that you always see that just seemed to be inevitable was stress.  I feel that our decision to plan an "intimate destination wedding" was much more simple...I'm not saying that there wasn't times that it was a little stressful, especially the day of, but boy was it easy!  In the grand scheme of things, I felt like Mary Poppins just singing a song and everything came together...not to mention the scenery!

To anyone that has had to get married and work around a large family then you know what I mean.  The budget you have to have to hold a wedding is outrageous!  Especially considering you have a preliminary guest list of just family and it's already over 200 people!  Sigh.  If there is one day to be selfish though, this is it.  No holding back.  No regrets.  Those who love you, will be happy for you, and others will come around with time if they don't initially agree with your choice.  This day is about you and your partner, and the love that you will hold forever.  Yes, it is also the joining of two families becoming one.  While you want all of your family to share in this day because of that sometimes it is just not feasible for them to do so in person.  In spirt will have to be good enough and do you know what?!  It is!  Their love and support can definitely be felt.   

If nature, the outdoors, athleticism, and that sort of stuff is your thing then you should definitely give this type of wedding thought.  It was perfect in every way.  Even the things that couldn't be controlled or got out of control just added to the perfection of the whole day.  We knew there could be rain because that's what the mountains like to do in the afternoons.  The rain delayed us, flustered us, even made us forget to tell some family members about the change in meet up location!  Then we had a brief window of time to get out there, perform the ceremony, and take pictures.  

I tell you in all seriousness though, when the ceremony was being given by Leslie (our officiant) the timing of the wind, the sun, and the rain was just otherworldly.  When the sun decided to come out at the exact moment while we gave our vows to each other and during the exchanging of rings it was the most magical moment that I might ever experience.  I know for a fact that I was not the only one that noticed too because my dad even said something similar in nature.  It was just me gazing into the eyes of my love, on top of the world, with not a scare, worry, or care in the world.  Well, nothing other than the man standing in front of me.   I know this sounds sappy but I'm seriously having tears of happiness and awe roll down my face because it was just so perfect. 

Now that you've had a chance to hear some of my thoughts I will stop chatting now and just leave you to the pictures!  Before that though, here is a big shout out (besides to all of our loved ones and friends!) to those that made this day happen!

Custom Weddings of Colorado - More specifically Wendee my wedding planner! 

Andrea Flanagan - Documenting this day so beautifully with her amazing photos. She gave us all of the photos without her watermarks but I used the watermarks so that I could give her the outstanding credit that she deserves.

Summit Stoneworks - My amazing god-father Joe who surprised us with our cake stand!

Blue Moose Pizza - For agreeing to host our reception even though it was a first for them!  They did a fantastic job at setting up an area for us and attending to us!

Destination Resorts Vail/The Landmark Condos - For the wonderful hospitality!  We made reservations online and when doing so they have a space for comments.  When we arrived they gave us one of their gorgeous  rooms (that made for stunning dressing photos) and even left us a card and champing to congratulate us! 

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