This Thing Called 'Whole30'

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Salmon and Sweet Potato Hash with Poached Eggs

By now I'm sure many of you have heard of this thing called the "Whole30" diet challenge. For me, I was a little slow with catching onto yet another new fad until a coworker of mine said she was doing it and I started learning more about it. As I looked into it, I decided that this would be perfect for me to do to start the year off right and get back into eating healthy, wholesome meals after binging for the holidays!

So, here I am on morning of Day 5 just trying to hang onto the last of my will power! I had a terrible closing shift last night at work where I was super stressed, didn't eat dinner, and left work a half hour late. Ugh! Naturally, this morning I then just wanted to eat away the stress with some junk food. I'm not talking really bad junk food but definitely not 'Whole30' approved junk food. I totally wanted (and if I'm being honest with myself--still want) a heaping pile of Pamela's Gluten-Free pancakes topped with berries, whipped cream, and loads of dark chocolate chips.

Man, I'm drooling just typing that!

I kept myself on track by taking my hubby out for breakfast where I didn't have to worry about what to make and I could just omit the ingredients that didn't fit with 'Whole30' from whatever I ordered.

Soup Spoon - Smoked Salmon & Bacon Scrambled Eggs

If you know me you know that generally I eat pretty well. I try to stick to a paleo-esque style of eating that I have adapted to what my body says is okay. I am big on NOT eating cereal grains, legumes, vegetable seed oils, and soy. With that said the one area where I could improve my overall health is my sugar intake. Hence why I decided and convinced my husband and mom to do the 'Whole30'. It doesn't allow any added sugars or sweeteners (good or bad) in an attempt to kick that sugar addiction!

My goal is to update you every couple of days via phone journals to let you know of my own experience while participating in this and hopefully sharing some recipes that I found delicious and satisfying. Satisfying being the key word in all of this to keep myself/yourself on track!! Follow my Instagram to keep with my progress as well!

Chicken Fajita Kale Salad

Homemade Hash-browns, Poached eggs & Avocado

Taro Hash (one of my husband & I's new favorite!)

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