About Us


My name is Nicole and this is what my blog is all about!

It is about the various food experiments and creations that my significant other and I have attempted. We try to make nutritious yet delicious meals and snacks. We strive to share our creativity and knowledge with others. Adam is an athletic trainer and has a passion for knowledge and research of nutrition on top of his main passion of helping people with healing and preventing injuries! I have a love for photography, food and eating so why not combine everything into one activity!?

We both come up with recipe ideas. I do the photography and the majority of the cooking and the writing up of the recipes while Adam is my support. He does all of the editing, social media, promoting and handling of finances. 
We are not gourmet chefs or expert bakers by any means but we love to try new things! We strive for a paleo-esque, whole foods type of lifestyle with a heavy influence from the Perfect Health Diet book. So, if you are into paleo, low carb, organic, all natural or whole foods then I think you will like what we have to share!

Explore our blog, leave comments, suggestions, or contact us about things you would like to see more or less of, or just general feed back! Most of all, try out our recipes, make a mess in your kitchen, and Enjoy!

PS: If you are in anyway even remotely to extremely active check out Adam's blog here!